The story of the great white wise giants. An almost true story for children and adults by Danielle H. Jolissaint

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The book emerged from the educational teaching meditation weeks for parents with their children.

With this story, the almost true story of the great white wise giants for children and adults, the author wants to create awareness of what is needed for the health of our earth: Compassion and a sense of community with all beings of this world, so that compassion among people can also increase again.

The aim of this children’s book is to encourage constructive and positive discussion between parents and children regarding the coexistence and community between humans, animals and plants, as parents exchange ideas with their children about the content of this story.

The author recommends that adults read this story to children or read it together with them so that adults and children can talk about it together after the reading.

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Book idea, concept drawings: Danielle H. Jolissaint

Drawings Suns: Danielle H. Jolissaint
Other drawings: Ursula Zürcher
Children’s drawings: created on the occasion of the pedagogical teaching meditation weeks
for parents with their children

Recipes: Danielle H. Jolissaint and Isabella Knör

Book specifications
Hardcover: 84 pages, with creative drawings
Edition: 300 copies
Format: 220 x 285 mm
ISBN: 978-3-033-07731-7

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