Book «Out of love for all beings of this world»
vegan menus from Fluid Spirit

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Theoretical background
Danielle H. Jolissaint in collaboration with Mario Rigo

Vegan recipes
Danielle H. Jolissaint in collaboration with Isabella Knör, Veronika Dobler, Karin Wicki and Kathrin Suter

For the love of all beings in this world. Vegan menus from Fluid Spirit. Since animals are very dear to me and I experience through living together with them how similar they are to us humans in feeling, I suffer with them when I see that most of the animals who are my neighbors have to serve only for feeding humans. My neighbors, the cows in the picture, are allowed to live together at least for a certain time in the family compound on the pasture, but many other cows are not even allowed to do that, but the calves are separated from the mother cow immediately after birth. Out of this suffering, which I encounter almost daily, this little cookbook was born and I sincerely wish that as many people as possible will try the very tasty and, except for the pies, easy to prepare vegan dishes and thus find their way to the vegan diet. The vegan diet will bring a lot of healing for the people, the animals and the environment and the people will find more mindfulness to all beings of this world. I sincerely thank all people who are interested in the vegan diet.

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