“Be back in relationship with your
inner life energy and discover
your qualities.”

Danielle H. Jolissaint
A warm welcome

As a coach, individual-, couple and family therapist, I have been counselling and supporting people of all ages in their personal and spiritual development for almost 25 years. I work according to systemic solution-oriented principles. I will be happy to accompany you on your life’s journey and support you so that you can develop new perspectives and solutions.

Learn more about my work on my website or call me.

I look forward to meeting you
Danielle H. Jolissaint


Consultations and coaching

Individual-, couple, family and group coaching In an initial meeting, your needs and goals are elicited. In individual sessions we work on your mandate to achieve …
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I would like to offer supervision as an effective instrument of the professional and personal further training. In the supervision the professional action competence shall …
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Crisis intervention

I accompany and advise people in an acute crisis, whereby I include the entire system in which the person affected by a crisis lives. You can …
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Individual and Group Meditations At first you learn the meditation technique in an individual setting. Later you experience a multiplying of energy in the group meditation …
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Meditation weeks

Meditation is learned and/or trained equally for beginners and advanced learners during the workshop working hours. Beginners initially practice to keep still inside as well …
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Holotropic Breathwork

Individual and Group Breathing Technique (Holotropic Breathwork) Due to the breathing technique of the Holotropic Breathwork energy blocks in the body will be dissolved which leads …
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Mind- and Bodyhealing

Healing is an effective method of treatment in which body, soul and spirit are incorporated. During the healing a deep state of relaxation develops which …
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Shamanic Healing, Energy Work and Community Building The current education in Shamanic Healing, Energy Work an Community Building has started in October 2020 and is ending …
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Fluid Spirit Orchestra

We improvise, we write the lyrics, we compose – we create the new music of Fluid Spirit. Once a month we come together to inspire …
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New release

The story of the great white wise giants. An almost true story for children and adults by Danielle H. Jolissaint The book grew out of the …
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