Animal Communication

“Since the beginning of my childhood I have been closely connected with animals, I live with them and I consider them as individuals in their own right, just like humans.

I came into the world with the gift of being able to empathise very easily with other living beings,
which enables me to understand and communicate not only with people but also with animals.

I have worked intensively for all animals and in this sense for veganism. Through my intervention, five cows (Fiby-Jolimuh, Daria, Nicole, Gladiola and Leiki) were saved from the slaughterhouse and are now allowed to live a long life, which can last up to 25 years, in a cow pension. One could say, what is the use of saving the lives of five cows, but for each of these cows it is a gift of life. When I go to our cows, I communicate with them and they tell me how they are doing. I have such close relationship with my cow Fiby-Jolimuh that she too has comforted me when I was sad about the suffering that is caused to animals by people out of unawareness.

During the first 10 years of my life, I lived with my parents, my older brother, cats and two Bernese Mountain dogs next to the stork colony in Altreu at the Aare. The stork colony also housed fish and so I visited the stork’s father Naudi, as he was affectionately called, every day. I was allowed to accompany him when he gave food to the animals, so that I also built up a close relationship with the fish. It remains in my fondest memory when Naudi’s goose accompanied me to my home each time. I can still remember that once my aunt came to visit, who was obviously not really liked by my favourite goose, so that this goose ran after my aunt and tried to pinch her in the tip of her black shoes. This looked funny to me as a child at the time and so I realised that all animals have preferences of states of being or energy just like humans do.

Then, on 24 January 2021, my great wish came true to be able to live with a Pyrénée, a guard dog. He is a uniquely lovable royal creature and he always finds out within seconds from which energy field of people good energy emanates and from which not. With those people who meet him with an open heart, he remains quiet and we can pass by quietly with the necessary distance, but as soon as a being with a closed heart wants to pass by him too closely without consideration, he reacts with his power by wanting to put a stop to this being with an imposing deep bark, so that this person could learn how to encounter a Pyrénée. A Pyrénée loves it when people meet him with aristocratic distance.
In the village where I live and work in Switzerland, people understand the nature of my Pyrénée better and better and they recognise his dignified aristocratic beauty and so they meet him more and more often with respect and the necessary distance. A Pyrénée is not only meant for the protection of the sheep, above all he is very happy to live in our family with my two Golden Retrievers, whom he loves more than anything, just like our family, and he loves to guard his property. I spend a large part of my life with my dogs in France, where they can enjoy a large free run, my Pyrénée also originates from there, where he is affectionately called Patou and is loved by everyone. My three dogs Jolibeau, Jolibelle and Joliamour are integrated into my work with people because people can learn and experience so much from them.

In my practice, I have also been counselling people for several years who come to me with their animals, so that these people can better understand their animals’ behaviour or to support their animal’s recovery. Animal communication can contribute significantly to healing in addition to veterinary care by a veterinarian, if I assume that every illness is an expression of an imbalance on the soul level. I often also accompany animals when they are at the end of their earthly life so that they can leave more easily, by helping people learn to let go of their animals at the right time out of love for them and be able to give the animal what they need at the end of their life, which is to be with them so that the animals can leave in peace.”

Danielle H. Jolissaint

Danielle and Joliamour
Jolibelle, Jolibeau and Joliamour (from front to back)