Meditation weeks

Meditation is learned and/or trained equally for beginners and advanced learners during the workshop working hours. Beginners initially practice to keep still inside as well as outside to all what wants to show and the advanced learners train themselves to find this first entrance to tranquility again and again.

By learning and practicing the meditation for one week during workshop working hours on one hand and by spending in between personal freedom together on the other hand, you learn not to lose completely the meditative state in ordinary weekdays and/or to find the entrance to the meditation again and again. At the same time and above all through this intense work energy blocks are identified and dissolved, which leads to self-knowledge and in this sense to more awareness, strength and well-being.

Study-meditation week for adults

Study-meditation week for adults: 15.-22.7.2023

Study-meditation week for adults and children

Study-meditation week for adults and children: 5.-12.8.2023

Transition meditation for adults and children

Transition meditation for adults and children: 29th December 2022 until 3rd January 2023.

Interested people get relevant documents after contacting me by phone.