I would like to offer supervision as an effective instrument of the professional and personal further training. In the supervision the professional action competence shall be enlarged by taught reflection. Together with the reflection of a professional behaviour this process supports the realistic self-assessment and enlarges the consciousness to the role of one’s own and the expectations and possibilities connected to that. The interactions of the work relations shall be recognized and the knowledge deepened around the organization in the system.

The expansion of the competences refers at least to the following four dimensions:
  • Personal unfolding (expansion of the knowledge about oneself and the effect of one’s own on others)
  • Relation design (contact, meeting, harmony, conflict, solutions)
  • Structural unfolding (roles, positions, functions, task mastering of the individual within the professional system)
  • Methodical and instrumental unfolding (improvement of the knowledge and skills with regard to the professional field, recognizing and coping with work problems, crisis management)

Supervision is aimed at individuals and groups/teams of all hierarchical orders. Aim is the improvement of the work situation, the working atmosphere, the labor organization and the task-specific competences. As a solution-oriented approach supervision helps to create distance to the processes and to recognize and to support the dynamics in groups and systems. Supervision shall also be supporting so that it doesn’t come to overtaxing, destructive conflict behaviour and specific work blindness in the work environment of one’s own.

Ongoing Supervision Group every second Tuesday from 6.15 until approx. 7.15 p.m.