Individual and Group Meditations

At first you learn the meditation technique in an individual setting. Later you experience a multiplying of energy in the group meditation which leads to an even better, noticeable body relaxation.

I also use meditation as an instrument of self-knowledge. Each human being has, together with qualities, also downsides inside which this person has mostly repressed aside of his awareness thinking that the unpleasant feelings, like he once used to feel them, don’t have to be felt any more. But behind every downside there is a hidden quality which has to be rediscovered and integrated so that the human being can live again out of the entire available power.

In the silence of meditation unconscious forces are made to be experienced and tangible again. I accompany and advise people on the way of self-knowledge that a greater awareness can be achieved.

  • Short meditations in an individual setting
  • Learning meditations in the group
  • Day meditations in the group
  • Meditation weeks