Shamanic songs CD5

CHF 30.00

These shamanic songs lead into a deep state of silence, peace and security with the whole, which leads to love with oneself and all creation. This results in the joy of feeling an important part of the whole, an important prerequisite for supporting the great transition into the new era. All the best, Danielle


  1. Everything is simultaneous
  2. Inauguration
  3. Departure and not knowing
  4. Liberation
  5. Many miracles will happen
  6. Fire, earth, air, water
  7. Devotion, the karma comes back
  8. Sacred geometry
  9. Gratitude
  10. Being uplifted
  11. It helps to get together
  12. Truth – Light

Meditation and vocal improvisations by Danielle H. Jolissaint
Live recording, recording studio Fluid Spirit
mixed & prepared, recording studio Fluid Spirit