Children’s songs improvisations also for adults

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Songs 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7 were recorded in the Moulin Les Verveilles and are accompanied in the background by the rushing of the water from the mill wheel of the Moulin. Songs 4 and 5 were accompanied by the training group 2011 – 2014 in the jungle of Cahuita / Costa Rica. We thank all friends who contributed to these children’s songs improvisations.

Improvisations & vocals: Danielle H. Jolissaint | Shruti box and overtone singing: Uwe Müller
Djembe: Marlon Jolissaint | Charango: Josef Amhof | Cello: Isabella Knör | Flute: Dominique Schlagenhauf | Live-recordings & remix: Josef Amhof | Layout & production: Danielle H. Jolissaint & Uwe Müller | Sound recording Copyright and Copyright 2015: Danielle H. Jolissaint | All rights reserved

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