Shamanic songs CD3

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These shamanic songs lead into a deep state of silence, peace and security with the whole, which leads to love with oneself and all creation. This results in the joy of feeling an important part of the whole, an important prerequisite for supporting the great transition into the new era. All the best, Danielle


  1. Soul parts
  2. Suffering and strength – passion
  3. Jolibelle’s joy
  4. Song of praise for the trees
  5. Love also means setting boundaries
  6. Stand up for yourself
  7. Outside the moulin
  8. Every dog likes its own blanket
  9. Song of thanks for the 170 years of Moulin Les Verveilles
  10. For the boy from the submarine
  11. Für den Jungen aus dem U-Boot Variante 2
  12. The crystal chalice
  13. The thunder
  14. The thunder (variant 2)

Meditation and vocal improvisations by Danielle H. Jolissaint
Live recording, recording studio Fluid Spirit
mixed & prepared, recording studio Fluid Spirit

Text of the song nr. 6 “Stand by yourself”

“It is such a beautiful feeling when you are true to yourself. When you feel your heart every moment, regardless of which being you are in contact with.
It is so beautiful to stand by yourself because you know that you are upright, because you know that you have a pure heart and then it is very easy to stand by yourself.
I can only recommend to everyone: “Find out who you are! If you find shadows within yourself, bring them to light.
Don’t avoid the pain, because you will learn a lot from it and then freedom will come for you, because nobody can deceive you anymore, you know exactly that you can rely on your heart and your mind.
You can rely on yourself because you always love everything, you can rely on yourself because you are pure at heart.
It is so beautiful to be able to stand by yourself, never forget that for a lifetime and you will come into the light without fear, you will have overcome it and no false seduction can tempt you, because you know the love in your heart so well that you have learned to stand by yourself upright.”