Meditation-vocal improvisations XI

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Double album Meditation-vocal improvisations XI from Danielle H. Jolissaint and the Fluid Spirit Orchestra.



Text, voice, KoTaMo: Danielle H. Jolissaint | Musical accompagnement: Fluid Spirit Orchestra | Live-recording: Fluid Spirit sound studio Josef Amhof | Preparation: Fluid Spirit sound studio| Layout & production: Danielle H. Jolissaint & Uwe Müller | Recorded in the house of Fluid Spirit and in the “Moulin Les Verveilles” | Sound Recording Copyright and Copyright 2018: Danielle H. Jolissaint | All rights reserved.

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Today I experienced a miracle
Today I experienced a miracle. Once again nature has taught me a lot of new things.
Two days ago, all the rivers overflowed the riverbanks, so we thought we could not celebrate my big celebration at the Moulin.Then suddenly the water retreated. The creeks are back to their riverbed. So, we could, unexpectedly, come back to the Moulin, where I wished to be for my big birthday, with those friends who also wanted to be with me then.With these friends, who accepted so much insecurity so that we were able to experience this uniquely beautiful day together today. Early in the morning I was woken up by dawn.And then it was bright sunshine, so it drew me right from the bed into nature.And because I can live here in free nature with all my friends who love me so much, I could just go out of bed in my own kind, just the way I was, and the sunbeams greeted me for my birthday; it could not have been more beautiful.Who would have thought that we were able to spend this day here? It was a miracle. And for that I thank whom the most? Today it is nature and my friends that we could experience something so beautiful together.

My greatest gift
Thank you, that you have come to my birthday celebration, for which you had to take on a long journey. You told me you worked until the morning hours so that you could come to me.
For this gift, I thank you, because that is my greatest gift when you come to visit me, although I know that it so challenging for you in your life right now.I am so glad you came to me because the grief would be too big for me if you were not here too. Now you will take on this long journey again and you will go back again to where your new life is.Thank you, for still letting me participate in your life a bit, even though you are so fulfilled with everything you have now.

Heaven and hell in yourself
In the past, people prayed to heaven. Did they have it easier back then? At least, they already have so much awareness today that they know this does not work.Today, I try to get people to see that they have heaven and hell in themselves, and if they are worshiping the heavens anyway, they could pray for finally letting their ego die, and then they would indeed have heaven on earth.In the past, people, at least in Christianity, were given ten commandments which they should have obeyed to, and then perhaps they would go to heaven. And if they were not quite obedient, maybe they would even go to purgatory and the very naughty ones would go to hell, but this lie, it does not work anymore.Why are people not so intelligent that they finally realise for themselves – heaven and hell, they only have it in themselves.Why does a human always need somebody above him to tell him how it works? Why does a human not see by himself that only he alone is responsible for what he does, for what he doesn’t, for what he thinks and for what he keeps forgetting.Why does a human not see that he has everything in himself, why can he not be quieter?

My dream from last night
Last night I had a strong dream. I saw you suffer in your pain, because your big love had left you. I saw you and I did not feel called to be able to help you in your pain.But in this dream, it happened that you slid down to my feet, so I startled, because then I saw, I should be the one, that I am the only one who can alleviate your pain, because at that time, I was this woman who had left you too soon through death.And in your pain, you did not want to forgive life anymore, you could not forgive anymore, and so you changed your being. Now, life has made us come together again, but you are still stuck in your old grief, in which you have been abandoned in a past life, and as it is, it happened to you once again in this life.But now, in this life, your father left you far too early. And then you met again the greatest pain of back then and once again you have closed your heart for life. But then you met me once again and now it is about time to open your heart again for the whole.Because now you have this chance to become that being again you once were, before I left you much too soon, in another life, through death.