Meditation and singing improvisations XIV by Danielle H. Jolissaint © In appreciation of all born beings on earth

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Double album of Meditation and singing improvisations XIV by Danielle H. Jolissaint – In appreciation of all born beings on earth ©

of Danielle H. Jolissaint and the Fluid Sprit Orchestra

I recommend listening to these teaching-meditation singing-improvisations XIV. without interruption, that is, to listen to all the songs one after the other, because the teaching-meditation singing-improvisations XIV. represent a complete works.



Song 3: The young snake
It was like this, this morning a young little being got lost on my doorstep. I knew then, I had to carefully bring the little being back to freedom with my hands, where there is no danger for this little being, otherwise my two Goldies (Golden Retrievers) would have come out of the door and would have played with this being in a way, that this being would have been hurt. But now it was the case, that I was so afraid of this little young being, out of my history, and I knew that I wanted to solve this task myself, knowing, that already my mother and my grandmother had a very, very big history with this being, and that is why they had passed this fear on to me and so I was standing alone at my front door. I looked at this young snake, I connected with it like with any calf that I can take into my heart so well, and I was sad that I was so very afraid to take this young being into my hands, to carry it to safety, so that I asked a friend in desperation to please help me, that I would then have the courage to take this being into my hands alone and to lay it into the grass again further away so that nothing happens to it. And so it was, because of this friend I was able to take this snake into my hands, so that it surrendered completely, that it did not even move, that it felt I wanted to put it into freedom protected, and so the two of us formed a great friendship together and now this young baby snake is in my heart, it has a place there, as soft and lovely as any other animal.


Song 4: The mothers of the patriarchy should take responsibility again
Why do mothers offer their daughters to patriarchy as a child already? Why are these women so destroyed that they have only one thing in mind, that they have to please men, that their daughters have to please men instead of having a lot of brains? Why are there still mothers who think that being beautiful would be sufficient enough on earth? Why can’t they teach their daughters that intelligence and awareness are more important than to flatter men? Why do these mothers begin so early, to denounce their girls in a way that they learn the wrong thing already, to seduce, instead of thinking for themselves? I have given so many courses and workshops to these women for years and then I recognise that they are not learning it in one generation, because they have been so destroyed by the patriarchy that they have lost faith in their intelligence and are already selling their youngest daughters.


Song 5: The task of the mothers is to nourish and to cherish
The calves are taken away from the mother cows, the lambs are taken away from the mother sheep, although these animals want to protect and accompany their young to prepare them for their lives. For, women do get children, they are not yet taken away from them, they would have the opportunity to protect their babies, they would have the opportunity to prepare their children for life in the best possible way, but when I look into the world, the way I see it, is that women no longer protect their children. Sons and daughters have been sold to the patriarchy for 5000 years. The girls are already walking around like prostitutes, so that paedophiles are spreading more and more on our earth. And so, women allow their babies not to be taken away from them, no, they actually give them away themselves and lose the greatest good in it, that the patriarchy, which has been raging for 5000 years with war and hatred and everything that goes with it, is dissolving; they continue to turn in their children to these horrors instead of finally becoming aware and taking up their task again which was once given to them by nature. To nourish and to cherish, to protect and to prepare so well for this life that the miserable patriarchy finally dissolves, and all beings are allowed to be again, as once predefined by nature.


Song 6: Always in the NOW
I do not know right now if you are aware of how uniquely beautiful this moment is NOW. I do not know right now if this really got into the depth of your consciousness, how peaceful and how quiet and beautiful NOW it is for all of us here right now. I do not know at the moment whether it really has gotten to the deepest of your consciousness that what we can share here together right NOW is absolutely unique, permeated with much love, permeated with everything that harmonizes so well right now, that we, right NOW, can share this moment of happiness. I just do not know right now if every one of you is really as aware in your heart as I am that this moment right NOW is unique and that you will never forget it, so, do not miss to feel this moment right NOW deeply in your heart and to let arise gratitude in the fact that right now we can NOW experience this moment together with the whole nature around us.


Song 7: About trees and people
People are so restless, because they have so many thoughts. People are so restless, because they have so many concepts, and people are so restless, because they have so many images, and people are so restless, because they feel not loved time and again, because they have the feeling, they would then not be loved. And when I sit here under the two oak trees and when I look here at the trees in front, I only see silence and love. This tree on the top left, which is so much taller than the Moulin, weighs its crown so much in the wind – I feel it as a great caress inside of me. And then when I feel the other trees inside of me, it’s my big giants who can be as quiet as no human being on earth, who can be as lovely as no human being on earth, where I feel so protected, where I can no longer understand that people do not feel loved by all the wonderful trees who give us so much protection. And if people are able at last, if their egos become smaller at last, then I know, that is when they could feel these trees within themselves and see them as I do, and then they would finally feel loved inside the whole. And then they would also see that they are part of the whole, and only when the arrogance disappears, one can see the trees as one’s friends.


Song 8: Parents should be good role models for their children
Parents should be good role models for their children again and again, every day. Having children is this chance that through them we can become a better person, if we really take this message seriously, that we always would like to be a good role model for our children. What does it mean, to be a role model? That means being impeccable every moment and I am of the opinion that if we really love our children, then this love is so big, that because of this, we can be a good role model. Because, if we always keep in mind how important that our children are to us, it gives us all the strength to set out on our way every day anew, to be flawless in our actions, to be flawless in our thinking. And we can do that out of love for our children, because they give us this strength through their existence, to become a better person, because otherwise I am of the opinion that it makes no sense at all anymore to bring children into this world, if we as parents are not able to always be a good role model for them. Then I have the feeling, that this could be love.


Song 9: Locked doors
Why can’t people be reliable with themselves? Why are they so sorrowful inside themselves and also with the You? One can show them the most beautiful, one can give them the best, and yet they are so dark and so black time and again.Envy looks out of the eyes, envy comes out of the mouth, although they have created it all themselves, there, where they are. What should one do if nothing helps? What should one think when all feelings are of no use? If all love just bounces off the cold wall? How does one go on there? Does one have to give up there? Does one simply have to leave this door closed and continue to go on alongside it and open the door that allows to be opened? And to leave these closed doors closed, because they are so locked? I think that’s the way. There is no use in giving everything again and again if it bounces off a concrete wall and one cannot get through.


Song 10: Power of nature at the sacred place
This is the place I fell in love with at first sight when I saw it. This is the place I saw, the first time I entered this property in this life, and I knew in these trees, there is my home. When I first entered this place, there were many more trees which the storm washed away two years ago. There are fewer trees since this storm. I was so sad after the storm, because many trees were simply washed away, especially the young trees which did not have strong roots yet, they all got washed away, and also the older ones, which no longer had such a strong hold. And since then it has been a glade forest, since then a lot of sun shines through. But now I have been told that such a big storm should only be happening again in about 40 years from now and I am curious whether this will be true or whether the next storm will come sooner due to our climate change. And that is why I enjoy every moment when I am here, every tree and every bush and the land where I can sit on, because due to the last storm, there was only water here, where I sit now. The whole plot was just water and the only thing that was not damaged, was our house. Lots of young big trees that we planted with a lot of love and patience, all are destroyed, and it hurts so much. This tree over here to my right, as young as it was, is already dead and it is still there, and it is a warning for me. And I am so sorry, that of all things, this one is dead too, because exactly this tree to my right, which is already dead, is the one I planted for my father, who also contributed to the fact that I can sit here today; and the young tree that I planted myself, is there in front. I planted it for my mother and surprisingly it survived the storm and is still there, and so it is now, that I will look for a new tree, which I can plant again for my father, because, also thanks to you I am sitting now here today at this place where I am now.


Song 11: The pavilion stands for relationship
Today we want to inaugurate our new pavilion. We have been working on this project for a long time, so that the pavilion is now in our garden. It was originally intended to celebrate our friendship day two years ago, but then it still needed so much work. Preparatory work had to be done, the floor had to be levelled out, a way to there had to be made, the floor had to be strengthened so that our pavilion for our friendship is standing on it now. For the whole week, the men worked every morning so that we can inaugurate this pavilion today. The pavilion has 12 gates, just like our friendship ring has 12 stars. The pavilion has such gates just like our friendship ring – one can see through and still it is a gate. The pavilion has completely open gates and it also has half concealed gates, just like our friendship ring. It is so white – the colour, it stands for purity, as pure as our relationship is too. I would like it to be, that when we look at the pavilion that it is the same as when we look at our ring. I would like it to be, that when we walk through the pavilion that we are as mindful as we are with our relationship. I would like it to be, that as each day, when we put on our ring anew, we consciously decide for our relationship, that when we walk through the pavilion that we consciously will decide for our relationship every time. The pavilion is also available to everyone else, but every time they walk through the pavilion, they should be aware that they decide entirely for the relationship. Then it should also be the case that when humans walk through the pavilion, they should be aware that the pavilion has as many gates as our ring has stars.


Song 12: Carrying the heart out into the world
When you go home now, each one of you is on its own again. Alone with what one has learned here. Alone, to think about how one can pass on what one has learned here, how one can convey what one has learned here. And the way you have experienced how I got to the limit, in order to be able to show you somehow, so that you can understand what it is really all about. You saw how difficult it was for me to be able to show you this. And it will be as difficult for you now, this, what you have seen here in the heart, this, what you have experienced here in the heart, how you can pass this on at home. One does not have a language for it, one does not have a concept for it, one also does not know exactly how to convey it. And the only thing that can help you on the way, is, when you only listen to your heart. That is the only way, even if we make mistakes, because that is the way, that we can learn to somehow find a language, which then also goes into action in such a way that we can bring our heart into the world.


Song 13: Jolibelle would like to go to sleep
Jolibelle would like to go to sleep. Jolibelle asks me to leave now, and she does it so lovely and beautifully that one wants to jump up straight away to fulfil her wish. But right now, I would like to finish singing this song and I ask her to wait for two more minutes. And so, she turns back on her back and holds out all four paws, because she knows for sure that I will leave with her as soon as possible. And so, that she does not have to wait too long anymore, we will just finish this song now.




Song 2: My heart is with the Muni (bull)
My heart is with the Muni (bull), the one, who is chained in Zug right now. My heart is with the Muni, as lovely as he is. I feel him in his strength, I feel him in his beauty and above all I feel his loving kind and it hurts so unspeakably how people deal with love. Although this Muni is the dearest being, they attach a nose ring at his nose, they chain him, for two weeks, only that people can look at him at this unnecessary, senseless wrestling festival. These people go there in order to look at the power and the strength and the beauty and the love in chains. It’s a shame how people deal with strength and love; they put it in chains and they put it on display and I am here in the Moulin, surrounded by nature surrounded by cows and our dearest Muni, who is just as big and beautiful and strong as the one they chained in Zug.But the Muni here with me in the Moulin, is surrounded by his twenty cows, this Muni can walk across the fields with the cows, and near me, always 510pm sharp, he walks freely with his cows across the river and drinks out of it. My two Goldies (Golden Retriever), they call me: “Come look, the Muni with his cows visits us”, and then I go down to the river with them and we have the most beautiful encounter with the Muni and his twenty cows. And we can look each other in the eyes. There is no fear at all, neither the Muni is afraid of me nor I would be afraid of the Muni, and my two Goldies, they are mindfully present, and we are so happy to see the cows and the Muni in freedom. How they cross our river, how they naturally drink water from the river and I can no longer understand human beings, how they have become so decadent that they would be in need of having to show such a disgusting spectacle, like the one, they are currently showing at the wrestling festival in Zug.


Song 3: Wolf energy
Right now, I just heard that I howled like a wolf. For the first time I have become aware of this, just now. I can never howl as beautifully as any wolf, and yet there is such a deep connection, that I heard myself as a howling wolf just now and that it just occurred to me that I have been howling for many years already just as a wolf howls down from the mountain. I am howling, because I want to wake people up, that they do not completely forget how beautiful a life of a wolf once used to be on Earth. But human beings have cornered the wolf too, this beautiful animal has no place anymore either, because there are so many people who destroy its basis for life. For it is a being of nature, just as all other beings too. But many have forgotten, that is why I’ve been howling like a wolf for many years already.


Song 10: Vigil in Zug, the “children-calves”-perversion caused by humans seems surreal
Something new started today. Today we stepped out entirely new with our pain. With the pain, that people cause to animals so badly, we stepped out today. We stood very still close to the people who do not appreciate the cows in any way. They flaunt them with full udders which cause them so much pain; they even seal these udders with glue, so that the poor cows can hardly walk anymore. The farmers wreath their little children with flowers, then they pass a small calf to each child and they also put flowers around this calf’s neck. It is so terrible having to see this, because the calf doesn’t want flowers around its neck. The only thing the calf wants, is to be with the mother, and to be allowed to drink the mother’s milk, which would be intended for the calf, under the protection of its mother. But people are so bad, it is so disgusting and so sad to see that children are sent to an exhibition together with calves. And the big, stupid people even find that something so sad is beautiful. We held the mirror up to these people and we just stood there very quietly, and we just looked them in the eyes. They got angry with us, because they saw in our eyes the horror they are causing to these poor animals.


1 February 2020/Copyright 2020 Danielle H. Jolissaint. All rights reserved.



Text, voice, KoTaMo: Danielle H. Jolissaint | Musical accompagnement: Fluid Spirit Orchestra | Live-recording: Fluid Spirit sound studio Josef Amhof | Preparation: Fluid Spirit sound studio| Layout & production: Danielle H. Jolissaint & Uwe Müller | Sound Recording Copyright and Copyright 2020 | All rights reserved

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