Book Fluid Spirit, Volume III «Fleurs de Jolissaint»

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The book about self-knowledge and consciousness expansion which lead to more capacity for happiness
by Danielle H. Jolissaint (editor)

Book (hardback) | 452 pages | German | Fluid Spirit | 2015

Fleurs de Jolissaint tells in 26 contributions of the diverse experiences of people, who let other people share in their personal processes of awareness on their way to self-knowledge in all areas of life, such as a couple, as parents, as families, at work and in the field of spirituality.

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This book arose from the study group of Danielle H. Jolissaint. Developmental processes in self-knowledge and consciousness expansion are described and are verified with the books Fluid Spirit Volume I and II. Together it is demonstrated that the path of Fluid Spirit supports to find a happy sense of life which is characterized by self-knowledge and an awakened consciousness leading to capacity for happiness, compassion, friendship and community.

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