Truly Tantric Way of Life

Group offer for individuals, for couples and for communities has started March 2018 and is ending in 2021.

After I had been considering for several years to pass on my experiences and my knowledge of tantric life, the way I have been practicing it since many years, on a deepened level to a fixed group of selected individuals who are honestly interested in a tantric way of life, I have decided three years ago to take this step and to plant this seed with a circle of people. Although I impart the tantric way of life to all the people who come to me, I saw that a more deepened examination on the sexual plane was required. I realized and see that on this plane there is still too much not-knowing and confusion, so that I felt asked in the tantric way of life to get involved even more deeply with the people.

With my long-time life companion this new way got possible. So I would like to pass on in this world a contribution to the people in order to point out to the mostly confused and alienated concepts of sexuality and love my tantric way of life, the way I have developed it, with the intention that sexuality, which I consider as an expression of deepest friendship and love, can be healed with the people, couples and communities.

Couples are two persons of different or the same gender each who would like to get involved, be it temporarily or for an indefinite length of time, very intensively on all planes of being, that is on the physical, soul and energy level, whatever the reason maybe, with the issues of desire, sexuality, love, partnership and the eternal battle between the genders for freedom and devotion.

If you are honestly interested in this and you want to make an effort to learn in the tantric way of life so that healing between the genders can happen, then you are called to contact me for a preliminary talk where we sort out together if you are ready for this next step which will bring an intense analysis with your sexuality, your outlook on life and of course your self-knowledge.

Interested people get relevant documents after contacting me by phone.