“You only meet yourself in everything” (CD 1)

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CD 1 of the double album with vocal improvisations from Danielle H. Jolissaint and her friends from the Fluid Spirit Orchestra.


«You only meet yourself in everything»
«From the shadow into the light – dissolution of delusions, illusions and seductions»
Spiritual lyrics for accompaniment during life, before and after death.

In memory of my beloved mother Hedwig Jolissaint-Schnidrig, 7.6.1931 – 31.1.2017.

Lyrics, vocals, KoTaMo: Danielle H. Jolissaint | KoTaMo: Uwe Müller | Cello: Isabella Knör | Lyre: Dominique Hermann | Musical accompaniment: Fluid Spirit Orchestra | Live-recordings, recording studio, remix & editing:  recording studio Fluid Spirit Josef Amhof | Duration: approx. 58 Min. | Layout & production: Danielle H. Jolissaint & Uwe Müller | Sound Recording Copyright and Copyright 2017: Danielle H. Jolissaint | All rights reserved

I cordially thank all friends of the Fluid Spirit Orchestra who contributed to the creation of these musical vocals improvisations.

Audio samples Album 1

Audio samples Album 2