Silverlight-world brain meditation

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Silverlight-world brain meditation by Danielle H. Jolissaint. Published: 2016.

  • Basic meditation leads you to mindful presence in the here and now, to awareness and silence, which is a requirement for the subsequent light meditations.
  • Silverlight-brain meditation leads to brain cleansing and to eliminating blockages in the brain.
  • Silver light-world brain meditation leads to purification of the world brain and to awareness in the world.

Time and again I have been asked to create the basic meditation as well as the light-brain meditation with the light-world-brain meditation in order to make it accessible to humans and thereby raise the energy level of people.

The basic meditation with the Silverlight-world brain meditation will cleanse you, make you more aware and more intelligent, the Goldlight-world brain meditation is the most efficient way to promote the unfolding of light in the world and thus also to bring more light in these dark times and into this sinister world.

I recommend practicing the basic meditation before the light meditation and to internalize it, and only then to pass to the light meditations, as a follow meditation. Furthermore, I recommend to first internalize the Silverlight-world brain meditation and only as a next step to practice the Goldlight-world brain meditation. The basic meditation as well as the light meditations can be practiced several times a day. The more, the better, until they are internalized, and you can access meditation at any time. This will rekindle and activate the light within you, around you and in the world again and again, leading to mindful presence in the here and now, to awareness, to clarity, intelligence, purity, happiness, joy, silence, compassion and love. In doing so, you connect yourself with the powerful light and love, and thus with the highest spiritual frequency. You will be raised to higher levels of awareness, and by performing the light-world brain meditations, you will contribute to more awareness in the world. If done regularly, you will notice that you will need less and less time to get into the lightful, secure state of inner balance and inner peace.

Once you have experienced the positive effects, you will appreciate and love these meditations as one of your most important tools for your life. The meditation gives you strength and confidence in the morning to turn your attention to your duties during the day in mindful presence, and in the evening, it will help you to get back into silence and to connect with your light for the night.

Sound Recording Copyright und Copyright 2016: Danielle H. Jolissaint | All rights reserved

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