Shamanic Songs CD2

CHF 30.00

These shamanic songs lead into a deep state of silence, peace and security with the whole, which leads to love with oneself and all creation. This results in the joy of feeling an important part of the whole, an important prerequisite for supporting the great transition into the new era. All the best, Danielle


  1. Danielle opens new spaces
  2. Connected to the cosmos
  3. Everything is now
  4. Astral world
  5. Danielle’s love for animals
  6. «5th dimension» «only without ego»
  7. Staying in Silence = Peacemaker
  8. The Crystal Sound Chalice
  9. Rocky outcrop over the sea
  10. Release
  11. Compassion
  12. Easter carol
  13. By the fire
  14. Only love heals
  15. Being a friend in All-Oneness
  16. Believe in yourself

Meditation and vocal improvisations by Danielle H. Jolissaint
Live recording, recording studio Fluid Spirit
mixed & prepared, recording studio Fluid Spirit

Transcription CD 2 – Shamanic Songs
By Danielle H. Jolissaint

14. Only love heals
I am aware, I can only heal if I love this being, like the dearest being in the world, so my work is to lead these people there, so that I can love them unconditionally, like the dearest being I have in this world. And then healing becomes easy, then healing takes place. Because then I can love that being as I love the dearest being in the world.
But many people make it difficult, they make it difficult for me to be able to simply love them like my dearest being in the world. And I, I know that, only when it becomes like that, then healing takes place and my work is to lead people there so that they become purer, because I can only love a being who has purity in himself or herself. And everything else makes it difficult for me to be able to love these people, like my dearest being, that I love in the world. And Jolibelle is such a good example of how I heal. She belongs to this circle of my dearest beings in the world and I could list many more beings who are my dearest beings in the world, because that is where joy takes place in each other, because that is where love takes place in each other and you all know what I have been telling you for years, only love can heal and everything is about, that so many beings in the world can love each other with purity. And when that is so, or when it will be so one day, then we will live in paradise on earth.

15. Being a friend in the All-One-Ness
Every person should love himself, just as he loves others, and not give himself up for others to such an extent that his spirit can even become ill because of it. It is about being able to feel good together, to spend good times together and if conflicts get out of hand, then it is again about being a friend to oneself, to take oneself out of these conflicts and if it is the case that one feels alone at first, one is nevertheless not, because one is in friendship with oneself, because one then remains faithful to oneself and so we are again friend in the All-One-Ness.

16. Believe in you
We are living in a time of great transition, where we all feel ourselves. All shadows show themselves once more, heavy feelings show themselves so that we can transform them into the light. Helpers are at our side and if we have no one, find someone who can support you.
For it is a unique time where you have chosen to be here on this earth at this time, which is now, and to support this transition by recognising your shadows, by bringing your shadows into the light now so that the great transformation on earth can happen. And each one of us supports this process by going into this process with ourselves. This supports all of humanity, you are such an important part, don’t let anyone tell you that you are not important, and then you will find the strength to go through this time full of confidence that everything will turn out well.