Shamanic Songs CD1

CHF 30.00

These shamanic songs lead into a deep state of silence, peace and security with the whole, which leads to love with oneself and all creation. This results in the joy of feeling an important part of the whole, an important prerequisite for supporting the great transition into the new era. All the best, Danielle


  1. Love and connection
  2. The tree in the middle
  3. Glad’s energy is present
  4. The bench from the old deceased oak tree
  5. Vitality
  6. Powerful singing of the shaman
  7. Song of praise for the lucky guy
  8. Happiness came back
  9. Future of the Moulin
  10. Jolibeau sings with me
  11. Mysticism of fate
  12. Solving the ancestral issues
  13. Being with the dogs
  14. Pure Spirit
  15. Spirit & Life Energy
  16. The dawn of something new

Meditation and vocal improvisations by Danielle H. Jolissaint
Live recording, recording studio Fluid Spirit
mixed & prepared, recording studio Fluid Spirit

Transcription CD 1 – Shamanic Songs
By Danielle H. Jolissaint

2. The tree in the middle
I feel your presence. You are present in this place all the time. After so many years you have found a place with me again. I would not have believed it. Through this tree that stands in front of me, you can be close to me again. Through this tall tree that is behind me, I feel your greatness from back then.
Unfortunately, you failed in this, in the great power you claimed. And I, I want to do better, today I also understand that sometimes one can get so tired about it, when one sees so much, perceives so much, can see all the games penetratingly and then one is supposed to remain silent with it. I don’t want to remain completely silent any more, I have held back far too much because I didn’t want to attain the same fate as you.
But now you have come to me with a pure heart. It has touched me so deeply, as nothing has touched me so much for a long time. Through this place that I recreated during my holidays, where in the middle of it there is a wonderful tall tree, you came to me through the wind. I love the wind so much. It is my elixir, just like the water. But the wind can carry me to all heights, as we sometimes did together. All the way up to the trees and there we could fly together. And because of what happened back then, I didn’t want to be able to fly any more. But now I think I am starting to fly again, with the trees and with the wind and with you in my heart, I know you are waiting for me.

4. The bench from the old deceased oak tree
I remember the grief I felt when our old oak trees fell over. The grief was indescribable. To say goodbye to these trees that had given me a home for so long, sitting between these two oaks, and now, after a few years, after the wood from these big oaks was lying behind our house, Mario and Michel have created an oak bench for me from these very dear oaks. For the first time, just now, I sit on it and it touches me deeply that I can now feel my beloved oaks against my back. And behind it, there stands the largest poplar of this place.
When they carried the oak bench to this place, it occurred to me as though they were carrying a coffin. Five men carried this bench to the front, but now that I am sitting here, now I know why this image came so strongly to my mind. Because the oak tree had to die, so that out of it, there became this bench. I thank the oak so much.