Mindfulness with all beings of this world

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From Danielle H. Jolissaint and her friends of the Fluid Spirit Orchestra


Lyrics, vocals, KoTaMo: Danielle H. Jolissaint | Shruti box: Uwe Müller | Cello: Isabella Knör | Musical accompaniment: Fluid Spirit Orchestra | Live recordings, recording studio, remix and editing: recording studio Fluid Spirit Josef Amhof | Duration: approx. 78 min. | Layout & production: Danielle H. Jolissaint & Uwe Müller | Sound Recording Copyright and Copyright 2017: Danielle H. Jolissaint | All rights reserved

I cordially thank all friends of the Fluid Spirit Orchestra.

Audio samples


Song 1 :    The mysticism of my strongest year
Tomorrow is the day where my strongest year comes to an end. In my strongest year, you were able to leave. You were so tired, and you did not share it with anyone, but I saw it a long time ago. In a long time, you had not been the one that I met first. Life has made you ever harder, ever colder it has become and the warmth that you once had so much, was blown away by the wind. Like a breath of air, like a wind outside, that is how you came, and that is how you left again, in my strongest year.
It has been difficult with you, you have never been easy, even though love should be meeting us in quite an easy way, so you had said.
Tomorrow my strongest year in my whole life comes to an end. I am still here, and you have left. All is good, and everything is reconciled in the heart and love lives, as it has always lived in my heart. Somehow you have come closer to me again, since your body left the earth. I wish you, that your soul will be purified of everything, that you will only spread light and only love. I am doing it from this side and you are now with many of your friends, whom you have also fought against sometimes, and with whom you can now be united there. All is good, love is present, and this is the song that I have now sung for you on your last journey.

Song 3 :    A love song for my mum
I am sending you my sounds, they are supposed to reach you, once more they are supposed to bring you the light so that you can hear me, through my sounds, which have always done you so good, like your sounds, which I loved so much, when you also sang them to me. When I sing I am close to you, because I see myself in you, as you have also sung for me. And now I have the feeling, we are still meeting through our sounds, which I still know so well from you. And you recognise them again, because you know them from you. Humans should communicate much more in this way. It would be much nicer, people would sing for each other and in the singing, there is so much healing. Because when we sing, we are truthful, because when we sing, we can be nothing else but clear. Because every sound comes only out of the moment and there, every single sound is full of sincerity. This is how it is supposed to be between us, always and forever. And when I sing here under the roof of the Moulin, then I am aware that on the ground below you are under our birch and that you give your blessing to our great work, which is yet to be done here now. We have created a good ground here, where we keep withdrawing together and giving each other much strength, so that we can also absorb the heavy blows, that are sure to come, with our sounds, coming from our throat and which are to bring healing.

Song 4 :    The story of the Tree-Root-River-Oracle
The story of the Tree-Root-River-Oracle is long, it is deep, it is unique and holy. My Tree-Root-River-Oracle, it has told me so much. Over many hours it has told me profound wisdoms about myself. The oracle has helped me to see my balance again. The oracle has helped me to be able to cross the river again. And because it helped me so much, I wanted to take it home, because it gives me so much joy, we treated it today in a way, that it still lives on. The Tree-Root-River-Oracle has grown very dearly to my heart. And whenever I see it, I remember the day when I found it. Deeply absorbed, I sat by the river and while I was sitting there in total stillness, I suddenly noticed, there is something sitting next to me. And then I saw it, and then I took it and looked at it really deeply. And then I cleaned it from all the mud from the river and then this wonderful root appeared. The right side has been badly worn, the left side lives completely free, very strongly and alive in joy. The oracle reminded me so deeply of myself, that it moved me to tears. Through the oracle, I then told Uwe a lot of deep things. He just sat there with me by the river, listened to what the oracle told me, listened to what the oracle said about the two of us. Deep healing wisdoms it told us. All that it has told us has profound implications. And when we look at it together, it reminds us so much of what we both said to each other. Our Tree-Root-River-Oracle is now also part of us.

Song 10 :    Mindfulness with all beings of this world
My ever-dearest Jolibeau, the way you treat him, you are also treating me. If you are not mindful with my ever-dearest Jolibeau, then you are not mindful with me either. If someone is not mindful with my most beloved Marlon Jean-Christophe, then he is not mindful with me either. Those who do not appreciate my dearest ones in the world, do not appreciate me either. Those who do not appreciate my ever-dearest cows around the Moulin, and all the other beings in this world, do not appreciate me either. I love all beings in the world so much, and those who do not appreciate them do not appreciate me either. I am so mindful with all beings in this world and those who do not appreciate them and those who do not treat them with appreciation, are also not mindful with me and do not appreciate me either. That is why the first thing that I teach people, is to be mindful with themselves and with everything that surrounds them. Because everything else hurts so much, when you disregard something that another being just loves. And you can be very sure that every being in this world is somehow loved by another being. And so, the circle of the beginning of my song closes, do appreciate Jolibeau and be mindful with him, otherwise you are not mindful with me either and all other beings in this world who surround you, that remains certain.
It is such a big illusion and one does not learn anything at all if one justifies oneself for every mistake one makes. Instead of learning and being thankful, that there is a human being, from whom one can learn something.

Song 11 :  The holiest place of the Moulin
It was difficult this morning, it was so dark this morning and now the sun is shining through the window to me. I see the tall trees with the golden leaves, and it shines like gold. Right now, we are singing this song in this room and it just pulls me outside to the trees so strongly at this very moment, that I can hardly wait until I sit on my fir-stool on the island under the beautiful trees, there, where I completely feel at home, there, where I knew from the very first moment when I saw this place, that this would be my new home, where I will stay forever and ever. I know already now, where my ashes will lie one day. It will be scattered everywhere on my most sacred places and the last place will be here under the trees; again, as a tree I will continue to grow. Next to the tree, where my mother lies already. It sounds odd, but I am looking forward to this as well. If I imagine then, that my ashes will lie next to my mother, that I will then also make my body available, so that other people can plant trees on it, that other people will continue to live in the Moulin, and who then will continue to love me in their heart. They may then also feel joy, the way I feel joy now, that my mother lies there, under the earth and that I have the assurance, that out of her more trees will grow.
And now it is time to go to the forest with you. I believe, now you are ready, so pure in your heart, so purified in your heart, that I can take you along now to the holiest place of the Moulin.

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