Meditation-vocals improvisations “Fleurs de Jolissaint”

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Meditations-vocal improvisations “Fleurs de Jolissaint” by Danielle H. Jolissaint from the Moulin Les Verveilles, the house Fluid Spirit.

Songs 1 – 6 and song 12 were recorded on 26/12/2014 in the house Fluid Spirit
Songs 7 – 11 were recorded in the Moulin Les Verveilles and are accompanied in the background by the rushing of the water from the mill wheel of the Moulin.


This music emerged in a meditative attitude and I recommend listening to the chants in a meditative state so that the entire organism relaxes further and therefore promoting a more sensitive, receptive mind which is capable of inspiration and self-awareness and expansion of awareness. I gladly pass on the meditation, which I recommend to all the people who have come to me for more than 20 years:

“Sit comfortably on a chair and close your eyes. Feel your breath and observe, how it breathes in and out on its own. Observe your abdomen how it expands slowly while breathing in and how it slightly retreats while exhaling. Stay in observation of your breath for a moment and feel the relaxation and the security in your body that results from it. Now go to your feet with your attention. Be aware of your feet. How do they feel? Are they warm or cold? Can you feel them at all? What else do you feel in your feet? Perceive consciously, without judging anything. In meditation you learn not to judge but only to perceive.

Then take your attention slowly from the feet to the head.

How does it feel in your lower legs? How does it feel in your knees? Can you feel them or not? Like this you can go from body part to body part up to the head: lower legs, knees, thighs, whole pelvic and entire pelvic cavity, abdomen, stomach, heart and chest area, neck, head inside and outside, after that, feel your whole body as a unit. In addition, listen to all the sounds within your body and all sounds outside of your body that surround you and that you can perceive.

Give the same attention to everything. Nothing is more important or less important than something else. Spread your attention evenly to everything. When thoughts pass through your mind, let them pass like clouds in the sky without clinging to them or judging them. Stay in this meditative state for as long as you want to. After meditation, I recommend lowering your view to the floor first, open your eyes and do not lift your view until you are ready to additionally perceive again everything with your eyes.”

Give all the feelings that are felt during your meditation the same attention without judging them. There are no bad feelings, because all these feelings make you the human being that you are, and it is wonderful to be a palpable being which is compassionate. Besides becoming quieter, stronger, more aware and happier with meditation, promoting compassion is the most important thing in meditation.

The exact guidance of the meditation can be read in the book “Fluid Spirit – In reality at home”, A Guide for Spiritual Development, by Danielle H. Jolissaint and Dr. med. Ernst Benz, Volume I, chapter 3.2, a basic exercise for beginners, p. 137. Further meditations can be found in Fluid Spirit Volume II and Fluid Spirit Volume III «Fleurs de Jolissaint» by Danielle H. Jolissaint (ed.) includes experience-reports from my students.

I am delighted if my chants support you in your meditation and I warmly greet and embrace you

Improvisation & vocals: Danielle H. Jolissaint | Shruti box, overtone vocals, piano: Uwe Müller | Charango: Josef Amhof | Cello & piano: Isabella Knör | Flute: Dominique Hermann | Love flute: Philipp Zumbühl | Guitar: Angélique Min | Live-recordings & remix: Josef Amhof | Image CD-Cover «Fleurs de Jolissaint»: Danielle H. Jolissaint | Layout & production: Danielle H. Jolissaint & Uwe Müller | Sound Recording Copyright 2015: Danielle H. Jolissaint

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