Meditation and nonverbal communication

Since April 2015 I offer a new meditation group, taking place monthly always on a Wednesday evening. On the one hand it is a fixed group that gets together once a month to go into stillness, and on the other hand to these meditation evenings people and friends of you can come with you to get to know my working method.

The new meditation group is addressed to beginners and to people on an advanced level in the same way.Together with the stillness meditations I would like to begin in this group to foster nonverbal communication between people. With this in mind it is a target that you can learn the nonverbal communication.

I am looking forward to be able to make with you a new beginning regarding nonverbal communication.

Dates for the meditation group in nonverbal communication:
2024: 6.3./ 24.4./ 29.5./ 26.6./ 14.8./ 25.9./ 30.10./ 27.11./ 18.12.