Fluid Spirit

Fluid Spirit wishes to be understood as a learning field, in which all educational offers contribute to the areas of self-knowledge, expansion of consciousness, community building, freedom from conditionings and reconciliation of the genders. Fluid Spirit promotes truthfulness and earnestness in the sense of reliability of feelings in relationships, as such Fluid Spirit is meant to provide a vessel for friendships.

Website Fluid Spirit association

“Fluid Spirit, At Home in Reality, A Guide to Spiritual Growth, Volume I and II”: The edition from the year 2004 is out of print. For autumn 2019 a new edition completely revised and updated by the author with completely revised color illustrations is in work. The books will be available in German first.

“Fluid Spirit Volume III, Fleurs de Jolissaint, The book about self-knowledge consciousness expansion that lead to more hapiness” can be ordered (German version) under Fleurs de Jolissaint

Fonds Fluid Spirit

In 2007, the Fluid Spirit fund was founded by people who are committed to making Danielle H. Jolissaint’s work available to as many people as possible from all walks of life. They have brought the fund to life, so that self-knowledge can spread among the people, because they are convinced that this way can contribute to more awareness, compassion and capacity for happiness and thus to a more peaceful coexistence of all people.