Individual and Group Consultations

In a first session your needs and targets are determined. In individual sessions it will be worked on your commission to achieve the aims you have set yourself. During my counseling I work simultaneously on the fine-material level, through which blocked energy is transformed and is made flow again. The energy set free in this way effects directly on the material level by having more energy at one´s disposal to design daily life more aware and with this design daily life in a qualitative better way.

As soon as you are ready to participate in group counselings you learn to position yourself in a group and to experience yourself in it. Your power of expression and your ability to communicate are supported with this. The group offers a safe scope to take further education on the way of self-knowledge and to widen the awareness. The group counseling is at the same time a field of learning for experiences and starting point for the transfer of the learned into daily life. At the group counseling you will experience new or further ways of solution to to realize measures in life for that you can achieve the aims you have set yourself.

Consultations for Couples

I work according to system-therapeutic principals, which means I include the entire system (personal environment) the couple is embedded in.

Consultations for Families

I advise families in crises and families who would like to improve their relationship among themselves. I work according to system-therapeutic principals, which means I include the entire relationship net the family is embedded in.

Women’s Group | Men’s Group

Dates for the women’s group

Wednesday, 19.30 – approx. 21.00 hours
2021: 3.2. | 7.4. | 27.5. together with the men | 18.8. | 10.11. | Thursday, 15.12. together with the men

2022: 9.2. | 20.4. | Thursday, 12.5. together with the men | 14.9. | 2.11. | 21.12. together with the men

Dates for the men’s group

Thursday, 19.30 – approx. 21.00 hours
2021: 4.2. | 8.4. | Wednesday 27.5. together with the women | 26.8. | 28.10. | 15.12. together with the women
2022: 10.2. | 21.4. | 12.5. together with the women | 15.9. | 3.11. | Wednesday, 21.12. together with the women